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We say that when the King returns it will be wonderful. But why don’t we dream of it?  If it will be real, it should be the subject of our fondest dreams.  Even if we can not be sure now what it will be like, dreams can sometimes glimpse the truth.

I do not pretend to actually describe in this book what the millennial reign will be like or to predict the time for the beginning of those 1,000 years.  

This is all  fictional  speculation,  a  sort  of   “What if . . .” story based on one historic position that there will be a literal reign for a thousand years from Jerusalem which still lies in our future.  

After fulfillment of end times prophecy the Emperor returned after his long absence in the other realm, he immediately subdued the entire earth by his glorious power. He established his capital at the ancient city of Jerusalem and appointed rulers over the earth. The earth was divided into two halves, the eastern and the western. Over each of these was appointed a Viceroy who reported directly to the Emperor Himself.

The Viceroy of the Eastern half of the world is John the Beloved who rules from the Isle of Patmos where he was martyred in the 1st century of the Emperor’s absence. The island was not big enough for the Viceroy’s palace, so it has been entirely enlarged and rebuilt to hold his palace and his court.  Both mortal and Immortal resources were used to accomplish this. Many mortal construction firms were employed and the finishing touches were put on by the Viceroy’s angelic legions.

The Western half of the world is under the rule of Viceroy Luis Cepata. He rules from his palace in Montevideo where he was martyred in the 21st century of the Emperor’s absence. Cepata is not as well known or remembered by the Immortals, but the Emperor’s judgment in making him Viceroy has never been questioned by them. It has been questioned by some of us mortals, but mortals question a lot of things. We have no real authority so it doesn’t make much difference.

The Viceroys, like all other Immortals were resurrected at the Emperor’s Glorious Return. Under the Viceroys are Territorial Governors or Over-Lords who are over large portions of the world. Under these Over-Lords are Metropolitans who rule over large cities and their surrounding areas. Under the Metropolitans are various local governors. These rulers are all Immortals who won their places by faithful service and often martyrdom for the Emperor during their mortal lives when the Emperor was not seen in this world.  

Each Immortal, regardless of rank, rules from a Dais, a  raised platform or out-door terrace which is always large enough to hold the entire local court. There is always an empty chair just to the ruler’s left reserved for the Emperor who visits every Dais regularly. He arrives with a full angelic escort and everyone, Immortal and mortal alike, falls on their faces. The Emperor always bids the Immortals to rise immediately.


When the Emperor returned from the invisible realm several things happened.

First, the believers who had died in faith were resurrected and given their Immortal bodies.

Second, the believers who were living on the earth at the time of the return were transformed instantly and given their Immortal bodies. Those who are human become immortals; along with the resurrected Immortals they are destined to reign.

Third, those living at the time of the return who were not believers remained mortal and fell under the rule of the Emperor and the Immortals who serve Him. The mortals are born, bear and raise children and die as all mortals do.

Fourth, the Enemy and his legions are bound for a Thousand years. Mortals still seek to rebel against the Emperor because of their fallen nature.

Fifth, those who had died who were not believers remained in their graves until the end of a Thousand years Reign.

Reign The Beginning

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Reign, The Beginning is the story of the beginning of the Reign.

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We See Him As He Is

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Volume One of this end time novel is about the Reign that will cover the whole earth

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Reign I: We See Him As He Is

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Reign II: A Story Of The Seventh Millennium  

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This end time novel is about the Reign that will cover the whole earth

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